Jill Smyth Art


After I graduated from Art College I started selling a range of handcrafted items in addition to my original art mainly via my stall at famous St George's Market in Belfast, through arts fairs/markets and online. Initially trading under the name "Ginger Rosie Crafts" (named after my late mother, who was an artist and crafter too), I took art commissions and sold a wide variety of handcrafted products. St George's Market is now one of the top tourist attractions in Belfast, and I've greatly enjoyed meeting so many people from around the world. I am old enough to remember when there were no tourists in Belfast because of "The Troubles", and what a delight it is to see a complete different and revived city. 

Since the global pandemic in 2020, I have re-evaluated my entire business and I have decided to concentrate on art and leave the craft-side for now. I regularly take commissions and sell prints via this website and my Instagram page (search: jillsmythart). You can also contact me via jillsmythart@gmail.com OR the contact page on this website.


I have recently decided to give up my stall at St George's Market where I have been based every Saturday and Sunday for over a decade (see the 'St George's Market' Page for more details). But you can see my work up-close-and-personal through Arts For All in Belfast, and I also exhibit artwork across Northern Ireland in various shows/exhibitions.