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After I graduated from Art College (a long time ago now!) I ended up spending many years working outside the arts world, before rediscovering my passion for painting. Often people ask me if I regret the time I spent away from art, and the answer is no. I really enjoyed my time working in professional environments, and in addition to making some lifelong friends, I learned a lot which has ultimately helped me in my role as a small business owner. Having come back to art in mid life, I have perhaps a greater appreciation for it. 


I started selling a range of handcrafted items in addition to my original art mainly via my stall at famous St George's Market in Belfast, and online. Initially trading under the name "Ginger Rosie Crafts" (named after my late mother, who was an artist and crafter too), I took art commissions and sold a wide variety of handcrafted products. St George's Market is now one of the top tourist attractions in Belfast, and I've greatly enjoyed meeting so many people from around the world. I am old enough to remember when there were no tourists in Belfast because of "The Troubles", and what a delight it is to see a complete different and revived city. 

Since the global pandemic in 2020, I have re-evaluated my entire business and I have decided to concentrate on art and leave the craft-side for now. I regularly take commissions and sell prints via this website and my Instagram page (search: jillsmythart). You can also contact me via jillsmythart@gmail.com OR the contact page on this website.


I have recently decided to give up my stall at St George's Market where I have been based every Saturday and Sunday for over a decade (see the 'St George's Market' Page for more details). But you can see my work up-close-and-personal through Arts For All in Belfast, and I also exhibit artwork across Northern Ireland in various shows/exhibitions.


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